About Us

This blog is the product of PCMI‘s Teacher Leader Project. From left to right, the authors of the blog are as following:

Robin Lam teaches Advanced Algebra with Trigonometry and IB Math Studies SL in Chicago, Illinois. She’s a little Twitter shy still, and prefers the tweets of her birds on a hike (where she took our lovely banner photo) to the to tweets of the platform.

Roxanne Terry teaches 8th grade Algebra in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She can be found on Twitter at @roxterry29. When Roxanne isn’t busy thinking about her teaching practices, she can be found attending her children’s sporting events.

Deb Barnum teaches 6th, 7th and 8th grade math in the South Bronx, NY. She can be found on Twitter at @dbarnum11. Beyond PCMI, Deb is also a Math for America Early Career Fellow (2014) and Master Teacher (2018), and proud mom to Buttons the comfort dog.